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When elite troops strapped nukes to their backs

  • Captain Tom Davis stands at the tailgate of the military cargo plane, the night air sweeps through the hold. His eyes search the black terrain 1200 feet (365 metres) below. He grips the canvas of his reserve parachute and takes a deep breath.

    Davis and the men who make up his Special Forces A-team are among the most highly trained soldiers in the US Army. It's 1972, and Davis isn't far removed from a tour in Vietnam, where he operated along the Cambodian border. His communications sergeant served in Command and Control North, which was responsible for some of the most daring operations in the heart of North Vietnamese territory. But none of the men has ever been on a mission like this before.

    Their plan: drop into Eastern Europe, make their way undetected through forested mountains, and destroy a heavy-water plant used in the manufacture of nuclear weapons.

    Leading up to the operation, during four days of preparation, army regional experts briefed them on routes of infiltration and anticipated enemy patrols.

    The team pored over aerial photographs and an elaborate mock-up of the target - a large, slightly U-shaped building. It's situated in a wide, open area with a roving guard, but at least the team won't have to sneak inside. Hanging awkwardly from the parachute harness of Davis's intelligence sergeant is a 58-pound (26kg) nuclear bomb. With a weapon this powerful, they can just lay it against a wall, crank the timers, and let fission do its work. 

    Davis had planned to follow in the footsteps of his family's prominent jurists - his father was a lawyer; his grandfather a federal court judge - until a notice from the draft board arrived during his first year of law school. Rather than be drafted, Davis signed up for officer candidate school and volunteered for Special Forces, graduating from the demanding ''Q course'' as a second lieutenant. From there, it was on to Vietnamese language school and off to the war in Southeast Asia, where he served as a civil affairs/psychological operations officer.

  • Source: Taranaki Daily News

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    Stuffitts Odor Killing BackPack - Practical Travel Gear

  • I admit. I do not work out on a regular basis when on the road, but it is always a goal of mine to go for a quick jog in a new city or try out the hotel’s fancy fitness center or health club. It is tough to do that when traveling with a carry-on bag as there is limited space for workout apparel and tennis shoes.

    The Stuffitts odor-killing backpack provided me with the perfect opportunity to get more exercise while on the road and minimized my previous excuses of not being able to carry gym gear. This is a lightweight bag that allows me to keep everything from dirty laundry to gym gear separated from the rest of my clothes.

    Typically, I do not travel with backpacks, but wearing this bag on my shoulders was a bit liberating as I had less to lug behind me when strolling through airports and train stations. This bag was designed for athletes who may travel long distances to compete and often with wet or dirty gear.

    Inside the main pouch is the largest compartment, which is perfect for shoes or a stash of laundry. The mesh top allows the contents to “breathe” without developing any internal odor. Smaller items can be placed inside separate pockets.

    Lest you be concerned that the bag itself will eventually start to smell, even when empty, Stuffitts designed it with interior panels that can be removed and washed while also creating more space for bigger items.

    Two side pockets hold small items that make this a convenient accessory for going to the gym. I used it to store my phone, keys, and wallet. There is a hidden bottom compartment sealed with a zipper, which is another good place to store valuables.

    This is a great option for those that like to work out on the road, but prefer not to mix clean and dirty, smelly clothes (who does?!). It is available for around $100 from the Stuffitts website or on Amazon .

  • Source: Stuffitts Odor Killing BackPack - Practical Travel Gear

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    Backpack Hidden Compartment
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    Backpack Hidden Compartment
    Jan 12, 2010 by Toaster | Posted in Laptops & Notebooks

    Im looking for something that dosent look like it has a laptop in it, but as the same time protects my 13" mac book.

    It would be great if the laptop compartment was hidden and can be locked.

    I also need space for a few

    I just use a regular backpack I got from Costco. The primary compartment is great for my 15" notebook, and the secondary compartment is fine for paper notebooks and such.

    It's NOT hidden, and lock basically means you buy one of those